over white collie.

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over white collie.

ViestiKirjoittaja Taina Öman » 21.02.2017 01:27

I would be intrested in getting an overwhite fawn male,Im well aware that the colour isnt accepted.But as Im no longer intrested in showing I desided to look for one. Im living in sweden from Finland but sorry to say I cant write or read very well. I know that there is puppies born sometimes that is mainly White. ive been looking for some years now mainly from usa but the breeders I found either didnt have nice enough dogs or wouldt export. So I try it this way. Pup or older doesnt matter,I prefer later this summer at the earlisest. Send me an e mail or a call swe.739199916 or alvedors@live.se If its not ok to publish this the administrator can delete it. Keeping my hopes up Taina Öman sweden
Taina Öman
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Liittynyt: 20.02.2017 00:36

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